Computer Lab: How Technology Reinforces Learning

Education experts agree that students absorb information better when they receive it in different ways. For example, students who hear information presented by a teacher in a classroom after reading it in a book are more likely to retain the information than students who only read the information in a book. Students who see pictures or demonstrations remember then information better than those who only hear it in a lecture. And students who actively “do”, such as practicing a musical instrument, are more likely to retain what they’ve learned about playing the instrument than students who simply watch a teacher or someone else doing it.

In opening a music school in Gahanna, I’ve been working with a team of teachers and parents to design a curriculum that helps students retain what they’ve learned and to advance in proficiency. I want to see students achieve their dreams! They all have the potential to be musical superstars, so long as we as teachers and parents continue to encourage them and feed their thirst for knowledge and skill.

With all this in mind, Michelle Tuesday Music School caters to the educational needs of students by offering music instruction with a teacher, time in computer lab using specialized music education software, and plenty of performance opportunities. The combination of these three services offers the maximum learning retention.

Experts also agree that students retain more information when it is repeated, and when students have time to reflect on what they have just learned. This is how computer lab reinforces learning. Specialized software programs reinforce music theory and ear training learned in the lesson room. Various software packages cater to different student ages, levels, and instruments learned. The software packages are self-paced, which allows students the time needed to reflect on and retain what they are learning. And the software programs provide testing and progress reports, so teachers can see how their students are doing and review difficult concepts during lesson time.

Computer Lab is one of the many ways that technology has influenced music education and the music industry in general.

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  1. Cool post. Stumbled upon your blog from google alerts for ‘music education’. I found some web-based music software at and have been giving that a try. It’s free and in beta phase right now…I don’t really have the studio space for a dedicated full lab. anyway, will stop back sometime :)

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