4-Week Lesson Samplers: Buy One, Get One Free!

Buy One, Get One FREE!

Through 1/31/18: Buy any lesson sampler online and receive a second sampler, free.*

MTMS Lesson Samplers consist of four trial music lessons for students who have never studied the instrument before. The Lesson Sampler allows prospective music students to determine whether longer-term music lessons are right for them.

You don’t have to have an instrument or buy a book. Instruments and educational materials are provided for the in-class lesson time, and there are no homework assignments or at-home practice expectations for the duration of the Sampler.

*Limited spots are available, so watch our website for Lesson Sampler options or speak with a receptionist for openings not yet listed on the web: lessons@michelletuesday.com * (614) 418-7110

2 thoughts on “4-Week Lesson Samplers: Buy One, Get One Free!”

  1. I was wondering if you offer drum lesson. My grandson is almost 7 years old and got drums for Christmas. If you don’t could you recommend anyone? Thanks, Cathy Biancone

  2. I’m interested in signing my son up for this sampler. Do you have classes for a 3 1/2 year old? If so, what do they consider of? And how much would it be?
    Thanks, Sara

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