Music Therapy

Music does indeed invoke emotional response in the listener, and the response varies by the music. A nice, soothing piano solo composed by George Winston calms and relaxes. A throbbing dance tune by Lady Gaga pumps and energizes. Whatever mood you wish to invoke, there’s a song for that. We’ll call it iSong. ;-) Continue reading “Music Therapy”

The Power of Performance

When I told my piano student on Friday that she had to play in front of other students on Sunday at our monthly repertoire class, she looked at me with eyes the size of dinner plates.

I have a music student who just won’t practice.

Okay, to be fair, I have a lot of music students who refuse practice. But one child taking piano lessons literally never practices at home. Ever. She doesn’t touch that piano until she’s sitting in that lesson room in front of her teacher. However, she miraculously spent last Saturday at home drilling her songs over and over and over. The reason? Continue reading “The Power of Performance”

Easter Blessings!

It is indeed a glorious week, when we move from the mourning of Lent and into the rejoicing of Easter and new careers! Negotiations are rolling on the studio home, and I’m happy with my choices. I have plenty of time this week, so I will be dedicating my efforts to business planning and marketing. First and foremost, I will be giving an overhaul.

In honor of Easter, I have decided to resurrect my diet, beginning today. Wish me luck and lots of green, leafy veggies.