The Amazing Rock Band Blog Post

by Lauren Tomsen

Rock band is a class that involves all different types of people who play all different types of instruments. I play the drums and sometimes sing, for a youth rock band called “Rocket Trash”.

The overall experience is really exciting, and even if you’re drained of energy, rock band will just overflow you with energy. Another fun thing about the rock band class is if you want to play other instruments, you can. Most times we can get pretty silly, but one thing leads to another and we’re back on track again.

So far there is Nick, Hasit, and Advait, who are all boys, and there is me, Lauren, and I’m the only girl, which can still be fun at times. Right now we are working on a song by Taylor Swift called “Ready For It” and “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

I have been in rock band for four years, and so far my overall experience is that I wouldn’t be the same without it. We have loads of fun here in rock band class, so why don’t you join us?


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How to Prepare for Recitals

Is your child getting nervous about performing? Here’s some of our tips to make recitals seem a little less scary!

  1. Have a practice recital at home! Move some chairs around and have the rest of the family listen to your student perform their piece. Think of it as a real performance! You can even Facetime Grandma for a bigger audience.
  2. Practice the song in the clothes (or costume!) you will wear. It can be a little scary to break out your new shoes on the day of the recital. Make sure you feel comfortable moving around, your shoes don’t slip on the piano pedals, and can take a bow at the end of your song without tripping!
  3. Practice with distractions. Performing live means there is always room for distractions. Maybe a baby starts crying or the door opens. If your student can practice while a sibling is playing video games and Mom is making dinner, it shows them that they can handle distractions!
  4. Watch a YouTube video of someone playing the same song. Getting the song in your ear can help you perform it better. It also helps the student subconsciously memorize the song, which will boost their playing confidence onstage!
  5. Encourage them. At MTMS, our recitals are very laid back and inclusive. Students of all ability levels participate and there is always thunderous applause at the end of each song. They will always have the chance to start the song over if they begin on a wrong note, and their teacher will help them prepare “backstage” before it starts.
  6. Practice, practice, practice! Tried and true, the way to perfect your performance is to practice, practice, practice! Make sure to practice a little bit every day and soon you’ll know that song like the back of your hand.

We’re looking forward to all of your excellent performances at the Halloween Recitals this year! Reminder, recitals are Saturday, October 20th at Polaris and Sunday, October 21st at Gahanna!