Adult Valentine’s Recital 2013

Michelle Tuesday Music School held its third annual Adult-Only Valentine’s Recital on Friday, 2/8/13 from 6:30-7:30 PM in the MTMS lobby. As usual, the event was a smashing success. The recital featured a debut performance by student Libby Justice on “Part of Your World,” from The Little Mermaid and the Haslage Sisters performing a flute and clarinet duet. We also enjoyed instructors Leann Lindsay and Zach Garster singing “I Dreamed a Dream” and “Stars” from Les Miserables, as well as the faculty duo of Carolyn Sigler on violin performing Lady Gaga tunes accompanied by MTMS’s very own Zach Garster on piano. We also had performances from our Advanced Flute Ensemble,which is currently looking for new members to grow into an Advanced Flute Choir (by audition only; contact the office to schedule your audition.)

We celebrated the event with soft drinks, wine and cheese crackers, of which our vocalists and wind instrumentalists (…pretty much everybody) were not allowed to partake until after performing, because we like to torture our performers like that.

The whole while, music instructor Carolyn Sigler’s puppy Tater Tot lay in the audience as our guest of honor, enjoying the performances in a sleepy stupor.  Drum instructor Larz Raymond informs us that our next adult recital will feature an original composition for drums and violin, and we’re interested to see if Tater can sleep through that, too. Our money’s on “no.”

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